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A Better Connection to the Internet

Mastiff is an affordable service for your home that provides a powerful wireless router, mobile app, and a stream of new features and updates.

Love your connected home

Traditional wireless routers are ugly, frustrating to use, and vulnerable, but that doesn't have to be the case. Mastiff’s operating system makes connected homes easier to interact with, smarter, and more secure. See what you should expect for your connection.

Goodbye Wi-Fi Password

The days of remembering passwords are over. Mastiff lets you log in with a social media account to manage your router and connect devices quickly, easily, and securely.

User-friendly by design

No engineering degree required to get the most out of your WiFi connection. Mastiff lets you invite your friends and set parental controls for your kids without having to learn about MAC addresses.

Reliability and Insight

Cut out time spent on hold with customer support. Mastiff keeps an eye on your connection and automatically tries to fix issues. You also get unparalleled insights into your network speed and reliability.

This is Just the Beginning

Mastiff is always working behind the scenes to introduce new features and protections to keep you secure from the latest online threats.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I don’t have a password to share, how do people join my network with Mastiff?

With Mastiff, you can simply invite others to use your network by sending them an email. They can log on with an account they already have, like their Google or Facebook account. You can even elect to grant your contacts guest access, so they’re connected from the moment they walk in the door.

How does Mastiff protect me online?

Mastiff protects you by starting with security best practices like remote automatic updates, including enterprise-grade tools like our intrusion prevention system, and guaranteeing a steady stream of updates powered by advanced machine learning and the knowledge of the entire Mastiff network.

Does Mastiff work with connected devices?

Yes, Mastiff works with connected devices like smart lights and locks as well as the ones you’re more familiar with like your smartphone and your home assistant.

What is a router and why do I need one?

A router lets you connect more than one device to your Internet. You probably have a router if you use wireless internet in your home, and that router is likely connected to a modem that’s tethered to the wall. Neither piece of hardware is traditionally very flashy or attractive, and you may even stash them in a closet out of the way. Mastiff transforms the relationship between your modem, router, and online access. With our smart, secure, and easy to use software take control of managing and securing your home network online rather than by struggling to interpret what those blinking lights on your router box mean.