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Careers with Mastiff

Join Our Team

Mastiff is comprised of a team of extraordinary people who have come together to give build a better connection to the Internet for our homes. We seek out talented people who believe in our mission and can help us achieve it. The diverse skills, experiences, and perspective of our team makes us stronger and better able to serve our customers.

How We Work

We highly value integrity, respect, transparency, ingenuity, and service. We’re a small team, so we are careful to ensure new employees are a good fit.

We work whenever, wherever. From day one we’ve believed that trusting our employees and giving them the tools and support they need will enable them to make amazing contributions. Supporting remote workers also means that we can work with the best people possible, not just the best of the people who are willing to live near our office.

Process helps. No really. When well thought out and kept to a minimum, process helps us to stay coordinated and working toward the same goal. Beyond that though, we abhor process. We trust our employees to use good judgement and we want everyone focused on making an impact, not filling out TPS Reports.

Open and involved. With a few exceptions, we try to make all information related to the company available to the entire team. We encourage everyone understand the vision and to help us shape the direction of the company. Ideas for how best to do that come from every employee, not just company leadership.


Unfortunately, we don’t currently have any openings, but feel free to email us ( , , , ) a copy of your resume and we’ll let you know when a position is available.